UPEI's Fablab helping out with advanced 3D prototyping

Many thanks to UPEI's Fablab for helping us out with 3D printing.  Access to cutting edge prototyping equipment is critical for quickly iterating a design which can be confidently applied to mass production. selected as semi-finalist for Bio-Innovation Challenge was one of two P.E.I. companies selected to compete for the 45,000$ Bio-Innovation challenge in Halifax.

PCK IP retained and provisional patent filing

After a lot of work we have a provisional filing date.  Patents are notoriously difficult but something that needs to be taken seriously and an appropriate amount of care and effort invested to make them worthwhile.  PCK IP has a reputation for being a go-to IP firm for early stage startups and we can totally see why.  We are looking forward to confidently presenting in depth demos and discussing our technological advantages.

Bluetooth low-energy electronics revision complete

The current iteration of our sensor electronics package was designed with miniaturization, cost reduction, and mass production in mind.  We decided to implement sensor communications using a power-efficient bluetooth low-energy system-on-chip.  Besides being particularly suited to intermittent sensing activities and internet-of-things networking, BLE is compatible with nearly all modern smartphones and tablets.